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How itworks

On the Masternode card page you need to click on the “Buy” button. In a pop-up window you will see wallet for invest.

Each masternode has its own "PART". The number of transfer tokens must be equal or a multiple of "PART".

Example: a masternode needs to collect 1000 tokens, "PART" is 100 tokens, so you can buy a share of at least 100 tokens (10%), a maximum of 1000 tokens (100%), and any percentage that is multiple of 100 tokens (200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900). You cannot buy a share of 150 (15%) or 337 (33.7%) tokens.

If tokens are not transferred to a multiple of the rate for the greater part and the difference is 10% or less, then the extra tokens are counted as a donation to the Service. If the difference is more than 10%, then all the extra tokens are returned to the investor’s wallet minus the commission, if the tokens can be sent without a commission the entire cost will be returned.

If the tokens are not translated to a multiple of the downward rate, then all the tokens are returned to the investor’s wallet minus the commission.

If you decide to buy a share of 100% and transferred tokens more than you need for masternod, then all the extra tokens are counted as a donation to the project.

*** Do not transfer tokens to two masternode in one transaction !!!

A fixed share of masternode or simply “PART”, was introduced to avoid such situations when there is 2% or less before the end of collection for the masternode and no one wants to buy such a small percentage. Each masternode has its "PART" which depends on the price of the masternode itself, the more expensive the masternode, the smaller the "PART".


Innova masternode price is less than $100 and income per day is 20 cents. So dividing the price into 10 or 20 parts is not advisable because the 10% share will bring only 2 cents per day, so the minimum "PART" rate is 50%. But if the cost of masternode more than $3000 then the minimum proportion can be made 5% or less.

To withdraw tokens you need to send 1 coin to the node address from the investor’s wallet.

Coins can be withdraw at any time:

1. if masternode is not working;

2. If you bought a share of 100% even if masternode is working.

If you bought a share of less than 100% and masternode is already running

1. if the masternode works for a week or less then you will be charged a fee of 5% of your contribution and divided among all participants in equal amounts;

The system automatically records all addresses. Rewards are sent to the departure address. If you send tokens from the exchange then most likely the wrong address of the wallet you see in your personal account of the exchange will be recorded in the system.

In the future we will add new masternode. You can propose a project for consideration. Offers to post on the Discord provides a service for collecting and raising share masternode. Anyone can purchase a share in the master-class or can acquire a 100% part of masternode.

There are expensive masternode in which it is financially difficult to redeem 100%, but even part of the masternode brings a stable and sometimes not a bad income. For this we need share masternode services, where you can put your tokens and earn income without worrying about setting up, supporting and paying awards to other masternode participants.

We can provide you with a service to install and maintain masternode for a fixed price and all the tokens will remain on your wallet. We plan to add this service in the future, but at the moment you need to write to us Discord

Masternode one of the ways to make a profit in cryptocurrency. You need to have a certain amount of tokens, set up a server and you can receive a reward for maintaining the network.

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