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ESBC the real project, working platform for betting. The first blockchain was launched on August 15, 2018. The new blockchain was launched on November 6, it has 4-level collateral system and a high PoS rewards. ESBC team is not only working on the betting platform, ESBC wallet has a unique functionality, 2 design templates and a lot of information, such as ROI information.


Masternodes working

0 $


0 $


0 % 0 $

70 %


150 $ / year

214 $


5000 ESBC

100 %

Left to collect

5000 ESBC

Service fee is 10% of the awards received.

The minimum bid is 1000 ESBC.
All bets must be a multiple of the minimum bid.
Be sure to read the rules of purchase and instructions.


Bought a part in the masternode Esbc_bronze:

Address ESBC USD
Total collected at the node: 0 0 $
It remains to collect on the node: 5000 213.68 $

Working masternodes Esbc_bronze:

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