Marcoin masternode
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Market Arbitrage Coin is a safe and easy way to make profits on the cryptocurrency market. MARC created an arbitration platform so that users can automatically profit from the difference in the price of coins between exchanges, while remaining neutral to the market.


Masternodes working

4630.78 $


34.38 $


86 % 118 $

335 %


459 $ / year

137 $


5000 MARC

14 %

Left to collect

700 MARC

Service fee is 10% of the awards received.

The minimum bid is 50 MARC.
All bets must be a multiple of the minimum bid.
Be sure to read the rules of purchase and instructions.


Bought a part in the masternode Marcoin:

Address MARC USD
Total collected at the node: 4300 117.8 $
It remains to collect on the node: 700 19.18 $

Working masternodes Marcoin:

Node Started(UTC) Payouts
ENABLED Mount Steele2019-05-08 15:06:27666.36 marc
ENABLED Gunshar2019-05-12 09:09:45552.15 marc