Proxynode masternode
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ProxyNode serves as a decentralized platform that provides a more secure platform for virtual private servers. The decentralized technology gives users full control of their servers, and provides an extra layer of security for their data. The blockchain technology removes a central point of attack for hackers, therefore significantly increasing the difficulty for anyone else to access your private data. The ProxyNode coin (PRX), will serve as a form of payment to set up a virtual server and as a form of collateral for users to setup a masternode


Masternodes working

6792.45 $


74.31 $


33 % 4 $

553 %


62 $ / year

11 $


24000 PRX

67 %

Left to collect

16000 PRX

Service fee is 20% of the awards received.

The minimum bid is 4000 PRX.
All bets must be a multiple of the minimum bid.
Be sure to read the rules of purchase and instructions.


Bought a part in the masternode Proxynode:

Address PRX USD
Total collected at the node: 8000 3.76 $
It remains to collect on the node: 16000 7.53 $

Working masternodes Proxynode:

Node Started(UTC) Payouts
ENABLED Xuebaoding2019-05-07 10:17:104480 prx
ENABLED Kala Patthar2019-05-07 11:54:382880 prx
ENABLED Saint Elias2019-05-07 12:18:572880 prx
ENABLED Concord Peak2019-05-07 12:30:524480 prx
ENABLED Machoi Peak2019-05-07 12:42:502560 prx
ENABLED El Plomo2019-05-07 12:54:474480 prx
ENABLED Bogda Feng2019-05-07 13:06:454160 prx
ENABLED Kolahoi Peak2019-05-07 13:43:113520 prx
ENABLED Chacaltaya2019-05-07 15:19:473840 prx
ENABLED Mount Pomiu2019-05-07 15:31:174480 prx
ENABLED Ritacuba Blanco2019-05-07 15:43:024800 prx
ENABLED Haba Xueshan2019-05-07 15:54:302880 prx
ENABLED El Altar2019-05-07 16:06:083520 prx
ENABLED Mount Foraker2019-05-07 16:29:103840 prx
ENABLED Maipo2019-05-07 16:40:444480 prx
ENABLED Illiniza2019-05-07 16:52:255440 prx
ENABLED Sirbal Peak2019-05-07 18:28:275440 prx
ENABLED Sangay2019-05-07 18:40:242880 prx
ENABLED Shkhara2019-05-07 19:51:465440 prx
ENABLED Mount Kenya2019-05-07 20:40:044480 prx
ENABLED King Peak2019-05-07 21:38:055120 prx
ENABLED Mount Ararat2019-05-07 23:40:303840 prx
ENABLED Janga2019-05-08 18:26:071600 prx
ENABLED Tungurahua2019-05-08 18:38:032560 prx
ENABLED Carihuairazo2019-05-09 20:40:172560 prx
ENABLED Pico Bolivar2019-05-10 16:29:462240 prx
ENABLED Pik Talgar2019-05-11 16:30:521600 prx
ENABLED Shota Rustaveli2019-05-11 16:40:182880 prx
ENABLED Humboldt2019-05-13 13:04:521280 prx
ENABLED Bonpland2019-05-13 19:48:02960 prx
ENABLED Puncak Jaya2019-05-13 19:57:571600 prx
ENABLED Gistola2019-05-13 20:17:431920 prx
ENABLED Alam Kuh2019-05-17 10:48:321280 prx
ENABLED Sabalan2019-05-18 17:14:461280 prx
ENABLED Corazon2019-05-20 10:25:36640 prx
ENABLED Pichincha2019-05-20 20:50:00640 prx
ENABLED Jimara2019-05-21 20:14:01320 prx
ENABLED Churchill2019-05-23 08:19:460 prx
ENABLED Puncak Mandala2019-05-25 05:57:070 prx