Zoomba masternode
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Zoomba will combine cryptocurrency and rideshare service to create the first substainable masternode/rideshare service ever created. Making masternodes have a true real-world use, a person can use Zoomba rewards to pay for travel without ever having to pay out of pocket or sell their masternodes. People can simply accumulate ZBA rewards and use those for day-to-day travel. No more depending on centralized services. No more waiting for buses or taxis.


Masternodes working

19.39 $


1.2 $


0 % 0 $

285 %


17 $ / year

6 $


3000 ZBA

100 %

Left to collect

3000 ZBA

Service fee is 20% of the awards received.

The minimum bid is 300 ZBA.
All bets must be a multiple of the minimum bid.
Be sure to read the rules of purchase and instructions.


Working masternodes Zoomba:

Node Started(UTC) Payouts
ENABLED Tetnuldi2019-05-14 05:11:46273 zba
ENABLED Huaynaputina2019-05-16 14:02:01210 zba
ENABLED Mount Wood2019-05-17 15:31:5584 zba